March 22, 2024
南亞SAYA設計機能環保賽衣 讓101垂直馬拉松更舒適

南亞SAYA設計機能環保賽衣 讓101垂直馬拉松更舒適2024台北101垂直馬拉松將於五月舉行!台北101垂直馬拉松(Taipei 101 Run Up)是一場以台北101大樓作為比賽場地的登高賽,91層樓、2046階、高度390公尺的獨特形式馬拉松,自2005年開辦以來就在國際馬拉松界享負盛名。本次賽事被國際登高協會(Towerrunning World Association)列為世界冠軍賽(World Championships 2024),預計將吸引許多國際好手前來共襄盛舉。

The 2024 Taipei 101 Run Up is set to take place in May! Taipei 101 Run Up is a unique race held at Taipei 101, featuring a vertical run spanning 91 floors, 2046 steps, and a height of 390 meters. Since its inception in 2005, this event has garnered acclaim in the international  marathon community. This year’s competition has been designated as the World Championships 2024 by the Towerrunning World Association, expected to attract many international athletes to participate in the festivities.


The 2023 edition marked the return of the event after a hiatus of three years due to the pandemic. Sponsored by SAYA, a brand of Nan Ya Plastics, the marathon introduced a cutting-edge running vest made from 4 recycled plastic bottles and 16 grams of recycled fabric, promoting zero waste. This innovative design not only prioritized environmental sustainability but also ensured utmost comfort for the runners, allowing them to push their limits to the fullest. Anticipating the participation of elite athletes from around the world this year, SAYA has designed a new functional running vest using recycled materials from plastic bottles, complemented by a unique honeycomb-shaped structure, to help runners reach new heights with ease!





【Functional Features of Honeycomb Running Vest】

The running vest for the upcoming Taipei 101 Run Up utilizes a double-layer fabric weaving technique to create a unique hexagonal structure, providing the shirt with non-cling and moisture-wicking & insulation effects.

Non-cling: The protruding parts of the hexagonal frame are located on the inner surface, effectively reducing discomfort caused by fabric sticking to the body after sweating.

Moisture-wicking & insulation: The principle of moisture-wicking & insulation is associated with the double-layer structured fabric. The inner layer channels sweat to the outer layer with robust moisture-absorbing capacity (preventing water backflow) for evaporation, achieving the effect of moisture-wicking. Additionally, the honeycomb-shaped edges of the shirt, protruding on the inner surface, not only prevent the shirt from clinging to the body but also reduce the contact area with the skin during moisture evaporation, thereby minimizing the loss of body temperature caused by evaporation.

南亞SAYA設計機能環保賽衣 讓101垂直馬拉松更舒適


此次賽衣採用「SAYA 365」100%聚酯(PET)回收紗線製成。

SAYA 以使用過的寶特瓶回收再製成高機能性纖維,本次賽衣使用之環保紗線相較原生紗線,每公斤可減少約1.73公斤的碳排放量。我們以環保材質得到相同機能的聚酯纖維,證明了回收材質在最終產品表現上是能與原生材質並駕齊驅的。


【Reducing 1.73 Kilograms of Carbon Emissions per Kilogram of Yarn】

The running vest for this event is made from SAYA 100% recycled polyester (PET) yarn. SAYA utilizes recycled PET bottles to produce high-performance fibers. Compared to virgin yarn, the environmentally friendly yarn used in this running vest can reduce approximately 1.73 kilograms of carbon emissions per kilogram. We have proved that recycled products are just as good as virgin products by achieving the same functionality with environmentally friendly materials.

With a commitment to sustainability, SAYA believes that environmental protection and product functionality can go hand in hand. We hope that our dedication will contribute to creating a more sustainable future!

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