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Advanced Recycled Fibers
SAYA recycles over
single-use plastic bottles per year
into functional and recyclable fibers
SAYA Renewal Technologies
Not All Recycle Fibers Are Created Equal
SAYA recycles single use, low value, high volume plastic bottles and renews them into durable performance and functional fibers that could be put into durable, and yet still renewable use. We recycle over 100,000 tons of plastic bottles per year (equivalent to 8,000,000,000 bottles) and upcycle them into performance fibers that are durable, functional, and recyclable.
Solid Backbone of our Sustainable Fibers
Less Footprint, More Identity
bottle recycling facilities
billion bottles
every year
Global Recycling Network
Transparency and capacity to grow with you
Based in Taiwan, SAYA’s PET bottle recovery and renewal map spans throughout Asia including China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. In recent years, collection efforts have expanded into regions of the USA and South America. SAYA continues to innovate our manufacturing processes and expand our sources for recycled fiber.
years of
We Got Your Back
SAYA has quietly grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of post-consumer recycled performance fiber with recycling networks that repurpose over 75 billion bottles every year. Working with a network of 13 PET recycling facilities worldwide, SAYANow serves as the backbone of our sustainable textile business.
Not all Recycled Fibers are Created Equal,
SAYA Just Gets More TLC
Bottle Recycling Process
SAYA’s engineering team innovates new proprietary and advanced methods of cleaning, mechanical and chemical recycling to guarantees performance on par with virgin petrochemical sources.
5-stage Filtration + 2-stage Purification
SAYA continues to perfect the process of renewing water bottles into yarns for multiple uses. Discarded water bottles are renewed through our proprietary, five-stage filtration process which are followed by two stages of purification for guaranteed safety and purity.
Performance Enhancing Process
The resulting flakes are then transported to in-house facilities where they are batch-optimized to control color and tenacity and transformed into pellets ready to be extruded into recycled yarns designated for a specific end-use.
Highest Safety and
Performance Standards
EU REACH - Oeko Tex 100 - Bluesign
The melting process goes through temperatures over 200C, this removes most potential virus and bacteria that may remain after the recycling process. SAYA’s proprietary filtration process ensures all yarns meet European Union REACH (2020), bluesign, and Oeko Tex 100 standards for heavy metal and other harmful RSL and residues. 
Performance Fiber is the Name of the Game
SAYA of Nan Ya Plastics
With over 50 years as a market leader in polyester fiber engineering, Nan Ya Plastics now defines their comprehensive selection of recycled performance fibers with the name SAYA. SAYA boasts the most comprehensive selection in performance fibers. We offer smart options including rubber free mechanical stretch, low denier, high microfilament, and colorfast solution dyed fiber just to name a few.
See our Product Section for more details on yarn selection.
Preventing the biggest source of ocean plastic
Turn Potential Microplastics into Durable Microfibers
ocean plastics
from coastal land
SAYA Coastal is a specialized recycling program that targets the clean-up and renewal of discarded plastic bottles in coastal regions that would otherwise migrate out to sea. Study shows more than 80% of ocean plastics actually originated from coastal land.
Certified Ocean Plastic
We work with OceanCycle’s network of certified coastal recyclers. Treated with SAYA Now’s proprietary renewing technology, we turn potential microplastics into microfibers.
Recycled Fibers Made in USA
A special collection made in our facility in
South Carolina, USA.
Turnkey Solution to
Made in USA Strategy
Facility in Lake City, South Carolina
SAYA USA is a special collection of recycled polyester fibers made in our facility in South Carolina, USA. Here we provide the options to use locally or internationally recycled bottles and wastes. If you are looking for a USA-based fiber program, SAYA is here to help with not only quality, delivery, but also global traceability and transparency.

We partner with mills and finishing facilities around the USA to provide turnkey solutions to complete your sustainable and circular design product needs.
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